An ancient civilization of mythological snake NFT's, divided into seven kingdoms, battle their way through one another to find the one true ruler of the land in an addictive PVP strategy game on PC, inspired by the classic slither game with a blockchain twist.


Bringing Esports   & Blockchain Gaming Together

As NFT Gaming begins to dramatically increase in popularity, people everywhere are realising they can now spend the same amount of time playing Play-To-Earn games such as ours and be paid for their time.


We will be one of the first to host a record breaking $100k game prize tournament with our Esports giant gaming partners, The Fortnite Guy and his very own Team Kungarna who collectively have over 21 Million followers!!!


We will be tying the knot between Esports and blockchain gaming in this simply yet addictive game.


Game Launch

Each of the Kingdoms continuously battle one another for the right to rule and for the ultimate riches. There is a prophecy that states when magic begins to spread through the land, kingdoms will uncover power they have never seen before, but with this there will come invaders far beyond their lands that will force them to make decisions that will change the kingdoms forever. Until this time comes, each snake must hone in on their skills and become a champion. Let the games begin!


Game Teaser Video

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October 2021

Sell first round of the NFT collection in anticipation for our addictive multiplayer game.

November 2021

List second round of NFT's on offer for sale in the form of packs.

Integration with secondary market place.

NFT's can be blended to create upgrades.

Release Alpha testing to NFT holders.

December 2021

The launch of the game in November.


Launch $100k game tournament with our Esports gaming partners and have them stream to their audiences! There will be a total collective reach of over 21 million people watching.


Onwards and upwards with further game developments and the largest tournament series seen in NFT game history. We know that owning one of the NFT's could become an true investment for people from both first world and third world countries. Our enormous competition prizes, trade of NFT's and in-game winnings will provide an amazing income for a lot of people.


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What are the benefits of owning one?

Besides getting full commercial use rights of the Game Of Snakes NFT’s, holders are entitled to exclusive access to the game when it is released and tournaments along with the opportunity to win a share in $100,000 USD worth of prize money in the first few months. As the game popularity grows we will increase the amount people can win and break records in the most amount of money won in blockchain game tournaments.

Is the art randomly generated or pre-assigned?

Yes! Each Snake is completely unique with 7 potential trait categories representing the 7 kingdoms and millions of possible combinations.

How can I mint these Snakes?

You essentially just need a Phantom wallet (or any other wallet that holds Solana) to connect to the website on the day that we open minting. In that wallet you will need to hold enough ethereum for the nft's you mint and the one gas fee. Each wallet has a 20 mint limit. Each artwork will cost 1 SOL + gas in pre-sale and 1.5 SOL + gas in public sale. You can mint multiple artworks at once and only pay the gas fee once.

Are there collaborations planned with any other projects?

Angry Babbons is the first collaboration already activated and happening pre-mint! We're stoked to already have a collaboration planned.

This project has had many very carefully thought out collaborations and marketing plans. We are already in discussions with several other popular communities, companies, agencies, & influencers. We are excited to release these over the period of weeks post launch and through the roadmap points.

How long after minting will my NFT be revealed?

We have selected careful roll outs and have a big surprise post launch so we have decided to go with 24-48 hours post launch until your snake will be revealed on Opensea.

How much will it cost to mint?

It will cost 1 SOL + gas to mint a Snake in presale and 1.5 SOL + gas to mint in public sale.

Will the game be pay to play?

The game will have two modes of game play. The first will be against AI for practice mode in order for you to hone in on your skills and get used to the game play. The second will be multiplayer mode which will be against other players. In order to play against other players you will need to stake some gold coins. You can purchase gold coins through our interface using Sol. Gold coins can also be transfered back into Sol. The aim of the game will be to take as many gold coins from other players as possible by making their snake run into the side of yours and then eating their orbs and gold coins they leave behind.

What is Game Of Snakes?

Game Of Snakes are 8,888 snake NFT's in a PVP game on PC. This will be the biggest game to hit ETH with a record breaking $100k to be won through in-game prizes. Each snake NFT gives a player exclusive access to the game, unlock abilities inside the game and some will unlock abilities outside the game including earning passive income from the game taxes on winnings. Game launching in November.