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An ancient civilization of mythological snakes, divided into seven kingdoms, battle their way through one another to find the one true ruler of the land in an addictive PVP strategy game on mobile and PC, inspired by the classic slither game with a blockchain twist.


Bringing Esports   & Blockchain Gaming Together

As NFT Gaming begins to dramatically increase in popularity, people everywhere are realising they can now spend the same amount of time playing Play-To-Earn games such as ours and be paid for their time.


We will be one of the first to host a record breaking $100k game prize tournament with our Esports giant gaming partners, The Fortnite Guy and his very own Team Kungarna who collectively have over 21 Million followers!!!


We will be tying the knot between Esports and blockchain gaming in this simply yet addictive game.


Game Launch

Each of the Kingdoms continuously battle one another for the right to rule and for the ultimate riches. There is a prophecy that states when magic begins to spread through the land, kingdoms will uncover power they have never seen before, but with this there will come invaders far beyond their lands that will force them to make decisions that will change the kingdoms forever. Until this time comes, each snake must hone in on their skills and become a champion. Let the games begin!

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